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Virtual World Inventor - integrated programming environment for PC and SGI-based VR applications

Virtual World Inventor (VWI) is a set of tools to create 3D, VR and game applications, our project that basically embodies all our achievements in the field. Our experience, accumulated in more than a decade, from our first 3D image generators to the present day VR applications had an impact on our development tools. We use VWI in all our 3D, virtual reality and game projects.

Virtual World Inventor provides design of audio-visual models of 3D virtual environments and means to specify their temporal behavior and interaction of the end-user with the virtual environment. The novelty of the system is a non-conflicting integration of highly efficient multichannel stereo rendering, animation, 3d sound, collision detection and interpretation, and distributed control over virtual environments in multiuser virtual reality systems - all within the same mathematical model.

What Virtual World Inventor Is NOT

What Virtual World Inventor Is

VWI is a complete suite of tools for audio-visual modelling, high-performance stereo rendering, animation and distributed control of 3D virtual environments.

Having low-level compatibility with OpenGL, VWI enables to create applications for virtually any Silicon Graphics workstation or PC graphics accelerator. Our proprietary algorithmic solutions permit us to achieve a performance comparable to that of Silicon Graphics, on a PC, and achieve quality and realism of presentations on a low-end O2 workstation close to that on Indigo2 HIGH Impact.

A virtual scene description with VWI modeller includes geometric, visual and physical properties of the scene objects and their 3d sound parameters. The event tracking subsystem of the modeller allows to easily detect collisions of the objects with each other and with the observer, and their presence in critical areas of the scene. This provides easy and natural means to animate solid body in limited areas, to design special effects, 3d-pick and have consistent audio cues for virtual events.

The VWI animation library provides a flexible and convenient C++ interface to create VR models with complicated animation, concurrent process monitoring, high-performance stereo rendering and 3D sound and distributed interactive control for multi-machine systems.

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