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List of SoftLab-Nsk projects

This list contains some of our projects conducted in the last several years. Some of them are completed, some are still under development.

Virtual Reality and Real-Time Simulation

Virtual World Inventor
Interior - An interior of a module of MIR space station. demo
Albatros - Real-time image generator
A model of Space station Mir - PC-based low-cost full-functioned methodical VR system to perfect space ship docking skills demo
Professional car driving simuilator demo
PC-based Virtual Realty Catalog project. demo
On Oxy - VR entertainment complex

Interactive games and Entertainment

Hard Truck Game.
Mind Flight (tm) - 3D action game
Mind Skier (tm) - 3D Skier game
Fib (tm) - Fun game for Windows
Car Races - VR entertainment complex demo

Computer graphics studio

Computer Art Gallery. It is not a project in the sense of this list, but is itself a collection of pieces of work of our computer graphics studio, organized for convenient viewing.
Multimedia presentation of MindDrive games

Hardware and software for multimedia

Forward - Equipment for low-cost professional video production.
It is, in a sense, a successor of "Phoenix".
Phoenix - Broadcast quality realtime compressed video playback.
No longer manufactured; but still widely used in Russia.
DDClip - Non-linear non-destructive multitrack real-time audio and video editor. Available for download and quick purchase through RegNet. download
the trial version
DDTitle - Titles of any complexity in a few minutes. download
the trial version
VTZ - Video capture software for VideoTizer boards.
Grabber support for Videoconferencing Tools for MBONE under Windows

Mind Flight, Mind Skier, Fib are registered trademarks of The OTHER 90% Technologies, Inc.

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