Now Forward software supports SRT protocol

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Now Forward software supports SRT protocol

Сообщение PR » 18 мар 2020 17:31

Dear colleagues!

Now our software supports the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol.

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) is a UDP audio and video transferring technology. SRT is designed to optimize data transfer across unpredictable (heavily loaded) networks with a minimal delay. The technology has an integrated mechanism designed for minimizing loss of data packet (FEC analog).

The protocol is designed and supported by SRT Alliance:

The protocol implies use of unicast address only (host-to-host). You may organize both broadcasting and receiving of streams via this protocol.

Streams receiving via SRT is a free option provided by our software. The option is available in all products designed for broadcasting.

Possibility (free) of broadcast organization is available as an integrated part of the Forward TS product or with the IPOut option.

There are 2 ways of working when organizing streams broadcasting:

1)SRT Server - in this case clients connect to video server with installed Forward TS software (or the IPOut option) and receive stream from it.

2)SRT Streamer - in this case video server with installed Forward TS software (or the IPOut option) broadcasts data to specialized distribution media servers from which stream is distributed then to other protocols (RTMP, HLS, etc.). Example of media server is Wowza. Clients connect to media server and receive streams from it.

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