Broadcasting in the Ultra HD-SDI 4K format

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Broadcasting in the Ultra HD-SDI 4K format

Сообщение admin » 07 дек 2018 19:52

Dear colleagues!

With the new FD788 board it is possible to organize broadcasting in the Ultra HD-SDI format in 4K resolution (2160p 50 / 59.94 / 60 fps).

Input / output signals are connected via the Quad-link 3G-SDI interface. Those the signal will be connected through four wires for the input and four for the output. Total on the FD788 board it will be possible to work with one 4K channel.

The new product Forward TA Ultra HD-SDI 4K has been added to the price list and can be provided for testing.

We remind you that the Forward TS software allows broadcasting to IP in Ultra HD 4K format with HEVC (H.265) compression.

Technical Support Department of SoftLab-NSK