Questions and Answers on FDOnAir2

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Questions and Answers on FDOnAir2

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Dear colleagues,

After mailing information on FDOnAir2 a lot of questions appear. Some frequently asked questions and answers are listed below.

1. Is it needed to pay money for replacing FDOnAir with FDOnAir2?

No, nothing additional must be paid.

2. How can I change FDOnAir to FDOnAir2?

You may discontinue working with FDOnAir and start using FDOnAir2 any time.

3. Is it obligatory to use FDOnAir2?

No, it is not obligatory. If you are fully satisfied with an old program version then you may continue work with it. But, as it was earlier said, only the latest program version development is continued. All new features are added to new version only. If you need new features, you must work with the last updated program version.

4. Where the program is located? Is it necessary to install some additional components?

The FDOnAir2 program does not have separate installer. If you have a relatively latest software version then launch the program from: C:\Program Files\ForwardT Software\OnAir2\FDOnAir2.exe
Send e-mail to support team ( to get download link if the program is absent at this path.
Developers periodically update the FDOnAir2 program. When this text was published, the up-to-date latest version was 5_7_2330. If your software version is older then we insistently recommend updating it.

5. What is a difference between FDOnAir and FDOnAir2 programs GUI?
There are no significant differences at the moment. Only a few differences helps saving time when switching to work with FDOnAir2.

6. Where is documentation for FDOnAir2 program?

FDOnAir program features are almost the same as FDOnAir program has. So, there is no additional documentation at the moment.

7. Is it possible to test FDOnAir2 program not on the air server?

Yes, it is possible. The program can be used in a special "without license" mode. In this case you may test and work with our software on any PC. For more information pass to the

8. Will you exclude FDOnAir from the software set?

We haven't such plans at the moment.

9. When 5.8.0 software release will be published?

Currently there is no exact release date. Probably the release appears in autumn, till the end of the year probably.
Software versions that are currently distributed among users are a kind of 5.8.0 prototype. We don't make critical changes in software till release appears.

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