"LinearAcoustic" - normalization output audio signal in real-time

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"LinearAcoustic" - normalization output audio signal in real-time

Сообщение admin » 12 окт 2018 15:53

Dear colleagues!

We present the "APTO stream processing (Linear Acoustic)" plugin. It allows to normalize output audio signal during real-time broadcasting ("on-the-fly") without preliminary processing.

Linear Acoustic company adaptive algorithms (APTO) are used.

The plugin works with products based on FDExt boards only (FD322, FD422, FD722, FD842, FD788) or in solutions that do not use board (for example, Forward TS IP).

This plugin is additional option to the main software and is purchased separately. The license is purchased for 1 stereo sound channel. The price is 990 USD (end user).

All who want are provided with a temporary license for a period of 1 month to test work of the plugin if necessary. A detailed description of the plugin can be found here: http://www.softlab.tv/forward/docs/en_d ... oustic.pdf
See chapter "Creating license request" about how to collect information for temporary license.

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