New plugin for displaying NDI streams

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New plugin for displaying NDI streams

Сообщение admin » 14 сен 2018 17:38

Dear Colleagues!

We present the new plugin - "NDIVideo". Designed to display NDI streams in the style of "Picture in Picture" or on full screen.

NDI (Network Device Interface) is one of the IP video protocols along with SMPTE 2022-6 and ASPEN. The protocol was developed by NewTek company.

For communication between different devices the IP connection is used. It is an alternative to data transmission based on the SDI standard primarily for video in HD resolution (and higher).

Unlike other protocols for the transfer of video over the NDI protocol you can use the usual 1GbE network without any additional hardware.

"NDIVideo" is a special title element. It repeats all the possibilities of the title element "Video2".

You can get a temporary license for testing. Please contact with us for it:

Technical Support Department of SoftLab-NSK