We start to sell products based new FD722 board.

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We start to sell products based new FD722 board.

Сообщение admin » 21 мар 2018 16:05

Dear colleagues,

We start to sell products based new FD722 board. The FD722 board is a replacement of FD422 but with more various possibilities.

The main differences of the board are:
-There are 2 inputs/2 outputs in HD SDI mode
-New mode: 3G SDI (1 input/1 output)
-Special input for external analog synchronization source (Black Burst, Tri-level sync)
-The board is a low-profile. It can be used in chassis with size starting from 2U. In this case several FD722 boards can work correspondingly without use of rizer cards.

The board is a hardware base for products designed by "SoftLab-NSK".

The main board features are:
-Bus: PCI Express x1 (3.0, 2.0)
-Types of signals: SD SDI, HD SDI, 3G SDI, ASI
-Quantity of inputs: 2 (SD/HD SDI, ASI)/1 (3G SDI)
-Quantity of outputs: 2 (SD/HD SDI, ASI)/1 (3G SDI)
-Sound: 24 bit SDI Embedded, 8 channels of stereo sound for 1 SDI video input/output
-OS: Windows 32/64 bits
Size: low profile

Modes of board work are:

-2 SD SDI on inout / 2 SD SDI on output
-2 HD SDI on input / 2 HD SDI on output
-2 ASI on input / 2 ASI on output
-1 3G SDI on input / 1 3G SDI on output

Also there are mixed modes of work, for example, HD SDI + SD SDI on inputs and outputs or HD SDI/SD SDI on inputs and ASI on board output.

You may change into this board use from any other FDExt type board (FD322/FD422/FD842).

The FD722 board takes part in program of eligible exchange of FD300 boards.

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