New Forward plugins

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New Forward plugins

Сообщение admin » 21 мар 2018 15:42

Dear colleagues,

Forward Plugins are additional paid program options that allow expanding possibilities of Forward T and Forward TS products sets.

Plugins allow:
-automating insertion of advertisement relatively different marks (DTMF, VITC, SCTE-35,...);
-outputting results of phone voting on air;
-displaying picture from IP cameras in "window" (PiP) or at a full screen;
-executing controlling record of tv programms;
-inputting data from IP sources into storage of PostPlay system for delayed broadcasting;
-controlling over FDOnAir program via local net distantly.

More information on plugins:

We present newly developed plugins:

1)APTO (Linear Acoustic) is used to normalize sound in a real-time mode (“on the fly’'”) during broadcasting.

2)SLSocials is used to display messages from social networks (Vkontakte and Twitter). The set includes application configurator for configuration and templates of title objects with scripts to display messages.

3)Srt2Teletext is used to insert subtitles in the format of teletext displayed at broadcasting programs from video files (for example, news blocks). Source of subtitles is an external text file in the SRT format.

4)SLSplicer is used to insert advertisement relatively SCTE-35 marks in programs from MPEG-TS transport stream without redecoding (splicing).

5)SLIPInputLayer is used to capture data from IP sources. It can be used in programs used to record video data in files (FDCapture, for example) or PostPlay system storages (FDPostPlayCapture, for example). Also you may organize more convenient previewing input IP sources in the FDPreview program. More information...

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