New title objects with scripts

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New title objects with scripts

Сообщение admin » 21 мар 2018 15:33

Dear colleagues,

Title objects with scripts expand possibilities of standard title system of Forward T and Forward TS products.

You can automate displaying the following items via expanded title objects:

-information on age limitation for TV programs (0+, 6+, 12+, etc.)
-announces of TV programs of channel ("Now on air is…", "Then follows…")
-warnings in TV programs if smoking scene is present there
-information on "advertisement block finishes in..."
-advertisements with pause when phone number in different styles is displayed
-information on singer/title of clip
-schedule of channel program
-text of advertisements splitted into rubrics
-news blocks (advertisements are broadcast according to rubrics)

You may find more information here: ... ts_tsf.pdf ... ts_ts1.pdf

We present newly developed scripts:

TSF_Ticker is a wrapper for "RollCrawl" title element that provides with a possibility to playback advertisements without pauses; there is a background, content of file with advertisements is automatically reloaded by script at the end of each display lap.

TSF_Rubric is used to playback text with title of rubric where clip is included. Playback is executed during all video displaying. Information is generated from SLIni file.

TS1_AdvBoard2 is used to output multiline advertisements with audio accompaniment. There is a separate audio file for each advertisement. There is a background (static or animated) also.

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