Products and solutions for digital broadcasting

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Products and solutions for digital broadcasting

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Dear colleagues!

SoftLab-NSK provides a wide range of products and solutions for digital broadcasting.

1. Forward TS is software and hardware for automation of broadcasting when working with MPTS / SPTS programs via IP or ASI-interfaces. Description of the main features:

2. Does your channel broadcast a "classic" signal - analog (composite, component) or SDI? But you need to give your TV channel to the cable operator to? In this case the IPOut option is used, which allows you to form an IP stream in parallel to your main signal.

3. It was possible to receive the input signal as an IP stream, but you broadcast an analog signal? A description of how to do this in the OnAir program is here:

4. AutoDetect plugin supports detecting of SCTE-35 labels, which are transmitted in the transport stream MPTS / SPTS. More information: ... scte35.pdf
Detecting of all other types of labels also works when working with traffic flow programs.

5. About the creating of the program schedule for EPG is here:

6. You can broadcast on YouTube or receive broadcast from it with our software.

7. Do you need to broadcast your TV channel on mobile devices? We support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS):

8. Do you want to show traffic of your city? Special plugin IPCamera will allow you to do this: ... pinput.pdf

9. Did you broadcast with a signal delay, but now the input signal will be IP stream? The plugin IP2PostPlay allows you to enter data into the PostPlay system store from the IP stream: ... stplay.pdf

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