Upgrade to .NetFramework 4.6.1 version

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Upgrade to .NetFramework 4.6.1 version

Сообщение admin » 25 янв 2018 15:44

Dear colleagues,

Some applications of our software (FDTitleDesigner, OnAir2 / 3, SLClockDesigner, SLStreamer Lite / Pro, etc.) are developed using the Microsoft .NetFramework software platform.

For further development of these applications requires to use new version of the platform. In the nearest future all of them will be rebuilt on the platform version 4.6.1 (now version 3.5 is used). And, accordingly, their work will require that the system has a version of the platform no lower than 4.6.1.

For the Windows 7 OS a new version of the platform (or higher) must be installed on its own.

For the Windows 10 OS, it (or higher) is installed automatically together with updates.

The installer of our software will check for version 4.6.1 (or higher). If it is not installed, the software will be terminated.

Here you can download a program to check the version of the platform installed on your system:
ftp://ftp.sl.iae.nsk.su/Public/ForwardT ... ersion.zip

3.Run the program
4.In the program window look at the version

ИзображениеЩелкните по изображению для увеличения

The installer of the .NetFramework software version 4.6.1 (or higher) is recommended to download from the Microsoft website. Example search query: "NetFramework 4.6.1".

We recommend you to install a new version of the .NetFramework software platform in advance.

SoftLab-NSK TechSupport Department