Intel published case study about SoftLab-NSK solutions

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Intel published case study about SoftLab-NSK solutions

Сообщение PR » 13 сен 2017 13:13

Intel published on their website a case study document describing usage of Intel technologies and developer instruments in SoftLab-NSK.

The document describes a complete solution – small-sized video server performing digital TV broadcasting in 4K resolution with HEVC video compression. Intel® Quick Sync Video technology is used in the server for video transcoding on GPU integrated into Intel CPUs. This enabled SoftLab-NSK to build a working solution receiving and decoding input compressed video stream, overlaying CG and inserting own video materials to decoded video, then compressing and broadcasting output IP stream in 4K HEVC format.

All these operations are performed on a small-sized PC with single Intel CPU with integrated Intel Iris Pro Graphics P580. Implementation was made with the use of Intel® Media SDK and Intel® Media Server Studio.

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