Recording video into MP4 format in the Forward Ingest

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Recording video into MP4 format in the Forward Ingest

Сообщение PR » 04 сен 2017 18:46

Dear colleagues,

Now the Forward Ingest product ( ... ngest.html) is provided with a new function of recording video material into MP4 file format.

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Video data is recorded in AVC format (H.264), audio data is recorded in AAC. Support of MP4 format allows multichannel recording of video with sound into files of small size and high quality.

Compression of HD video to AVC format significantly loads CPU, so there is possibility of video comression using NVidia (only dealing with Windows 10) and Intel Quick Sync Video (dealing with Windows 7 and Windows 10) graphic accelerators.

You may select such compressor types if there are corresponding graphic accelerators: NVidia or Intel graphic accelerator integrated to CPU.
Support of graphic accelerators allows capturing and recording several HD video streams into MP4 files on one PC with one CPU.
If accelerators are absent then software compression is used.

New software version of the product allows to combine recording channels into groups. Resulting output files of different groups can be of different formats and with different settings of audio and video data compression.
For example, when capturing MP4 format files you can compress video from some channels using graphic accelerator and the other part - using CPU.

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