About FDOnAir2 application

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About FDOnAir2 application

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Dear colleagues!

The FDOnAir2 application is a reworked version of the FDOnAir. The development of the FDOnAir application has been discontinued, all new features will only appear in FDOnAir2.

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At the moment, the FDOnAir2 already has a number of opportunities missing in the FDOnAir:

- works as a 64-bit application on 64-bit OS. This removes the restrictions on the use of RAM - it is extremely important when working in HD resolutions or when broadcasting in a multichannel mode;

- there is an opportunity to set arbitrary images for buttons F1, F2, ... F5;

- the titles of the file pages can be shown on the side and not only on top (convenient with a large number of tabs);

- possibility of restoring broadcasting from the definite time;

- added new options for command line to control the program:
Retitle - overload the title project;
Restart - restart the program and continue running the schedule;
Close - close the application.

- added support for the new delay server SLPostPlay: http://www.softlab-nsk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4938

A number of new possibilities will be added after publishing the 5.8.0 software release:

- background color for the file folders. A background color will be stored in the schedule, which will help to navigate through the schedule.

- advanced editing of the schedule - selecting a group from several consecutive task-lines, deleting, copying and pasting with the possibility to cancel a few last steps.

After release 5.8.0, there will be no compatibility between the old FDOnAir and new version of the FDOnAir2 application.
This will allow us to add more new possibilities in the FDOnAir2.

We recommend to start a smooth transition to the use FDOnAir2.
To launch the FDOnAir2 application open the file:
C: \ Program Files \ ForwardT Software \ OnAir2 \ FDOnAir2.exe
If you don't have FDOnAir2.exe, you need to update the software version.
To get the link to the new version of the software, please, contact the technical support department: forward@softlab.tv

Technical Support Department of SoftLab-NSK