Visit our booth at the BroadcastAsia2016

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Visit our booth at the BroadcastAsia2016

Сообщение PR » 25 май 2016 17:17

Dear colleagues!

The SoftLab-NSK company invites you to visit our exposition on international exhibition BroadcastAsia2016 to be held in Singapore from 31 May to 3 June 2016 (Marina Bay Sands). Our booth number will be - 5J3-02/1.

The SoftLab-NSK company will demonstrate different products for SD and HD broadcasting:

– "ForwardT" is a line of products for complex broadcasting automation. "ForwardT" allows reaching multiple broadcasting goals (ad insertion, broadcasting personal TV programs, overlaying multilayer animated computer graphics in the form of a logotype, roll, crawl, clock, weather, SMS chats etc.) via one machine. The price is reasonable for so many services at a high integration level.
We will demonstrate the integration of the playout server "Forward T" with the “Linear Acoustic” company's program module. The module performs real-time loudness normalization as recommended by the R 128 standard for all audio outputs.

– "ForwardTS" is a line of products designed for coding/decoding, inserting commercials and overlaying titles in broadcasts transmitted via MPTS/SPTS (ASI/IP). The solution supports MPEG2 and AVC compression of both SD/HD.
"ForwardTS" allows solving a wide range of goals in the field of digital broadcasting notably:
- conversion of received satellite tuner signal from a traditional analog into a digital one either without inserting of programs ("as is") or with inserting unique programs, local advertisements and overlaying titles;
- creating a unique broadcasting channel in a digital format;
- broadcasting of unique material of informative and advertising types in public places via the Ethernet;
- rebroadcasting of separate programs selected from a transport stream with insertion of advertisements, unique programs and overlaying titles;
- conversion of IP/ASI signals into analog or SDI;
- conversion of stream from one digital interface into another (ASI->IP, IP->ASI).

– "Forward Splicer" is a new one product for advertisement insertion without recompression by SCTE-35 standard.

– "Forward Goalkeeper" is a system of slow motion instant replay. The simplicity and multiple features of the "Forward Goalkeeper" allow using the system for broadcasting sports events of any sort (football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, boxing, etc.).

We look forward to seeing you at the venues.

Detailed information on the BroadcastAsia exhibition can be found at: