Welcome to our stand at the IBC-2015

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Welcome to our stand at the IBC-2015

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Dear colleagues,

The SoftLab-NSK company invites you to our exposition on the IBC-2015 international exhibition, to be held in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) from 11 to 15 September, 2015 (RAI Amsterdam, Hall 7, Stand A08).

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The following products of our company will be presented at the exhibition:
- “Forward T”: a line of products for integrated automation of television broadcasting. We will be glad to present you on our stand a series of demo projects that reveal the different features of the system.
- “Forward TS”: a Forward T product line enhancement for digital TV broadcasting. On our stand, the work of the system on the mode of automatic multichannel ads insertion using SCTE35 marks with full conversion as well as without conversion (splicing) will be demonstrated.
- "SLIngest": a server of multichannel recording, providing synchronous recording of audio and video data from nonsynchronous sources.
- “Forward Goalkeeper”: a system of slow motion instant replays during broadcasting of sports programs (football, hockey, basketball, etc.).
- "SLSportTitler": a system of graphic design of sports programs live broadcast. The system receives data from the database or score board and creates titles on the fly (ex: team roster, play score, play time, player profile, etc.), using titles templates and data existing in the system.
- “Focus”: a line of low-cost 3D graphics virtual studios.
- “AllMIX” (Focus M): a line of cost-effective solutions for interactive TV production, the analog of PC-based software mixer.

The “SoftLab-NSK” products will also be presented on the stand of the “System house "Business partners"” integrator company (Hall 8, Stand B10).

For free entry, register on the IBC 2015 web site, customer code: 15370.

Detailed information on the IBC2015 exhibition can be found at:

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