5.6.0 - new software release for Forward products

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5.6.0 - new software release for Forward products

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SoftLab-NSK technical support informes of a new software release - 5.6.0.

The latest software and documentation versions can be found at:

Features and constraints of ForwardT and ForwardTS products work in Windows 8.1 OS:

!!!Important!!! Take into account the following when dealing with Windows 8.1 OS:
1. Graphs with several output devices for broadcasting to IP and/or ASI are not started under this OS. The reason is an error present in components supplied by the MainConcept company and used in Forward products. The error is not fixed yet.

2. Description of Microsoft . NET Framework 3.5 SP1 activation in Windows 8.1 can be found in Download section of our Web

All necessary files can be also downloaded from server:

1) The ForwardTx products line (TN/TT/TA/TP) for FD322/FD422/FD842/FD300 boards



2) The ForwardTxLite - version to work without FD322/FD422/FD842/FD300 boards



3) Plugins for the ForwardTx/ForwardTS products line

http://www.softlab-nsk.com/forward/down ... ml#plugins


4) ForwardTS products line



5) Client version (for remote control) for ForwardTS product line

http://www.softlab-nsk.com/forward/down ... l#tsclient


6) Forward Goalkeeper



7) Separate installer of programs to work without full ForwardTxSoftware installation (ImageUpdater, SLAutoMPEGIndexer, SLAudioNormalizer, SLFileCleaner, SLLogViewer,...)

http://www.softlab-nsk.com/forward/down ... #freetools


8 ) Set of SoftLab-Nsk codecs (for 32-bit and 64-bit OS)



SoftLab-NSK technical support