Invitation to NATEXPO 2013 Exhibition

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Invitation to NATEXPO 2013 Exhibition

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Dear colleagues!

The SoftLab-NSK company invites you to visit our exposition on international exhibition NATEXPO 2013, to be held in Moscow from 19 to 21 November, 2013 in "Crocus Expo" exhibition centre (Hall 2, 8.B48).

SoftLab-NSK today occupies a leading position among companies that specialize in hardware-software complexes for multimedia and broadcasting. The SoftLab-NSK company will traditionally demonstrate different products for SD and HD broadcasting.

SoftLab-NSK will demonstrate the "ForwardTx" product line designed to automate broadcasting process fully for different TV companies. New opportunities of the product for air and cable broadcasting companies will be also presented. The price of these solutions is not high but it provides with a high integration level. "ForwardТx" allows reaching broadcasting goals (ads inserts, broadcasting of own TV programs, overlaying of multilayer animated computer graphics in the form of logo, roll crawl, clock, weather, SMS chats etc.) via one PC.

"Forward TS" product line is designed for coding/decoding, inserting of commercials, overlaying titles in programs broadcasted via MPTS (ASI and/or IP). This software supports both MPEG2 and AVC compressions of SD/HD.

New possibilities of Forward T and Forward TS product lines that now support dealing with a multichannel sound will be presented. Also, ndveloped support of subtitiles in DVB and teletitles in SDI and DVB formats.

SoftLab-NSK will demonstrate one more new product - SLSportTitler system. The system is developed for designing of sport programmes graphically. It consists of 3 compmnents: core for displaying of graphics, set of plugins for displaying of titles that correspond to different types of sports and designed set of graphic files (in the MSBlender format). The system is successfully used for designing of KHL sport games titles held in 2013-2014.

This time the SoftLab-NSK copmany will pay special attention to means of graphic designing of TV channels. We will demonstrate libraries of title objects with scripts that expand possibilities of a standard earlier developed SoftLab-NSK title system. The means include program code and script. The script is a program that controls a set of title elements. Use of the scripts allows automating different kinds of routine TV channel tasks. For example, dealing with scripts you may automate (simplify) displaying of TV programs announcements ("Now on air...", "... follows"), commercials with a stop at a telephone number, information on singer/title of music clips, channel program, text commercials divided into groups, news, horoscopes, etc.

SoftLab-NSK will demonstrane work of the SLNewsTitler plugin designed to output different kind of information operatively. The information is output on air in the form of titles - news, round tables, debates, sport programs, etc. Specially and in advance prepared templates of program dersign are used here. Each template includes design elements but it does not offer a concrete text information. You can create pages for designing of air by name, surname, position of a speaker basing on the templates. Also the plugin allows output information on-the-air. To do this select a corresponding template and specify desired text inside.

SoftLab-NSK will present new opportunities of "Forward Goalkeeper". This is a system of slow motion instant replay. "Forward Goalkeeper" is designed for recording and broadcasting of sports events (football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, boxing, etc.). Simplicity and great opportunities allow using "Forward Goalkeeper" for broadcasting of sports events of any level.

We will also present a set of Focus virtual studios that is distinguished by a high efficiency - a lot of possibilities but a small price. Focus virtual studios allow creating not only virtual scenes (decorations) but graphic interface also. The interface is used to control the scene itself and does not require programming. New versions of Focus provide with a higher quality of processing of interlaced video signals. Now new hardware configurations based on boards of the FDExt (FD322, FD422, FD842) type and some others are supported. Also, SoftLab-NSK developed a separate set of modules with original user interface that is specially targeted for being applied in educational and at presentation fields configuration.

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