Decoding of DVB-T2 signal (T2-MI interface)

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Decoding of DVB-T2 signal (T2-MI interface)

Сообщение admin » 26 мар 2013 14:50

Dear colleagues,

The SoftLab-NSK company released decoding of DVB-T2 signal (T2-MI interface) in products included into Forward TS line. This decoding allows receiving DVB-T2 signal and dealing with it as with a usual transport stream (MPTS).

Two schemes of working is possible here:

1) DVB-T2 MI decoding. In this case DVB-T2 MI signal received via IP/ASI interfaces is converted into MPTS without demultiplexing into single programs. Each PLP is output as a separate MPTS.

2) Demultiplexing of DVB-T2 MI programs. First DVB-T2 MI signal received via IP/ASI interfaces is decoded, then it is demultiplexed (divided into separate programs). The programs (MPTS) can be redirected via IP interfaces for a further processing, for example, as UDP Multicast. You can also launch creating of a preliminary redundant coding according to the Pro-MPEG standard (FEC) that allows improving reliability of data transmitting via IP networks.

Support of DVB-T2 decoding will be included into Forward TS products set as a standard function (i.e. free of charge).

For more information on testing of DVB-T2 signal apply to the Support department:

SoftLab-NSK Support department