PCI bandwidth of modern motherboards at work with FD300

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PCI bandwidth of modern motherboards at work with FD300

Сообщение admin » 29 авг 2012 18:25

Dear colleagues!
It is with regret that we have to inform you that most of modern motherboards does not provide a sufficient bandwidth to transfer data through PCI necessary for full value work of the FD300 board. When the FD300 board is working, large data flows (both input and output) are transferred through PCI.

For operating in normal mode (playback of video and titles) it is necessary about 50 MB/sec. In peak moments (for example, if there is a crossfade between videos) it is necessary about 70 MB/sec.
But at the most of modern motherboards PCI slot does not provide even 30 MB/sec.
The problem could be one of the following:
1) wrong image when playing back video;
2) video is strobing (not to be confused with wrong field order problem).

The reason lies in construction of PCI slot.
Among tested motherboards, Intel boards based on Q67, Q65, B65 chipsets (6-series) can provide the normal operating mode. This problem does not occur also on the 5- and 4-series chipsets and on some AMD boards like, for example, Intel DQ67SW, GIGABYTE GA-Q67M-D2H-B3, ASUS P8Q67-M, etc.

For more information see topics in our forum:
http://www.softlab-nsk.com/forum/viewto ... 3697#13697

We strictly recommend sending a description of the chosen configuration to the TechSupport Department before upgrading your computer to work with the FD300 board, using one of the following addresses:

You can check the PCI bandwidth using one of our programs which can be found here:
ftp://ftp.sl.iae.nsk.su/Public/ForwardT ... Logger.zip
Unpack the zip file, copy the program to your computer with the FD300 board, launch it and let it work in its normal mode (playing back of files, overlaying of titles, etc.). Then, send a log file that appears near this program to our TechSupport Department.

We also inform you that the FD300 board is taken out of production.
Instead of it, the FD322 board is used for solutions for working with analog signal ( http://www.softlab-nsk.com/rus/forward/specs1.html ).
We can propose you to exchange FD300 to FD322 on favourable terms. For more information, please, email to our sales department to sales@sl.iae.nsk.su or call at (383) 333-10-67, 339-92-20.

Best wishes,
SoftLab-NSK TechSupport Department