Invitation to NATExpo-2011

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Invitation to NATExpo-2011

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Dear colleagues,

The SoftLab-NSK company invites you to our exposition at the NATE-2011 exhibition, to be held in Moscow from 23 to 25 November, 2011 in All-Russian Exhibition Centre (Pavilion 75, Hall 1, stand B.48 ).

SoftLab-NSK today occupies a leading position among companies that specialize in hardware-software complexes for multimedia and broadcasting.
The SoftLab-NSK company will traditionally demonstrate different products for SD and HD broadcasting.

SoftLab-NSK will demonstrate the "ForwardTx" product line designed to automate broadcasting for different TV companies.
New opportunities of this product for air and cable broadcasting companies will be also presented. The price of these solutions is not high but it provides with a high integration level. "ForwardТx" allows reaching broadcasting goals (ads inserts, broadcasting of own TV programs, overlaying of multilayer animated computer graphics in the form of logo, roll crawl, clock, weather, SMS chats etc.) via one machine.

"ForwardTS" is a line of products designed for coding/decoding, inserting of commercials, overlaying titles in broadcasts transmitted via MPTS (ASI and/or IP). This software supports both MPEG2 and AVC compression of a SD/HD.
The SLMultiviewer software is a very useful solution used to control a broadcasting of programs from MPTS.
A new possibility of broadcasting to mobile devices using the HTTP Live Streaming technology will be also demonstrated.

SoftLab-NSK will present new opportunities of "Forward Goalkeeper". This is a system of slow motion instant replay. "Forward Goalkeeper" is designed for recording and broadcasting of sports events (football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, boxing, etc.). Simplicity and great opportunities allow using "Forward Goalkeeper" for broadcasting of sports events of any level.
We will also present new virtual studio "Focus HD Stereo" that is not expensive but at the same time useful solution for HD stereo content producing.
"Focus HD Stereo" includes all latest achievements in the field of composing a real-time synthesizing 3D graphics system and HD video. It does not require designing of additional real decorations.

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