Broadcasting using HTTP Live Streaming in Forward TS

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Broadcasting using HTTP Live Streaming in Forward TS

Сообщение admin » 05 окт 2011 14:32

Dear colleagues!

Support of a new technology - HTTP Live Streaming (HTTP LS) will be added to new release (5.4.0) of the ForwardTS (work with MPTS) product set. This protocol is designed by Apple ( for broadcasting of video via standard HTTP. The technology allows broadcasting TV channel, for example, on all Apple devices ( iPod / iPhone / iPad).

HTTP LS advantages:
-Data is transmitted via standard HTTP. So the solution works in any place with the available Internet;
-The technology does not require a complex adjusting of ports if to compare it with other protocols (RTSP, RTMP, …);
-Transmitting of data via HTTP easily passes companies firewalls;
-Realization of server is a quite simple one. It does not require Adobe Flash Media Server or Wowza Server. Free Apache/ Microsoft IIS are enough for working with the technology.

HTTP LS disadvantages:
-At the moment there is a small number of applications/devices that support the technology. Some of them are: all Apple devices (iPod / iPhone / iPad), some types of set top boxes (for example, «Air Ties»);
-There is a long broadcasting delay. It is caused by splitting of stream on 10-seconds files. Minimal delay is 10 seconds;
-Use of a large number of small-size files is not good for PC file system.

It is supposed that HTTP LS support becomes a part of Forward TS product set as a standard functionality (i.e. free of charge).

The technology was demonstrated at the IBC 2011 exhibition that took place in Amsterdam recently.




At the moment some of our users got Forward TS version that supports HHTP LS for testing. You may also get and test the technology by appealing to the Support department of our company.

SoftLab-NSK TechSupport department.