New software plugins for ForwardTx product line

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New software plugins for ForwardTx product line

Сообщение admin » 02 сен 2010 18:04

Dear colleagues,

SoftLab-NSK Company would like to announce new software plugins for ForwardTx product line. These plugins present additional program options that extend the power of ForwardTx products.

We have released the following plugins included in new version of software (5.2.0):

This software is used for automatic ads insertion. For specifying the start and the end of ads block can be used:
-DTMF tones;
-Video fragments;
-"23 line" technology (specific signal in the first visible line of the video)

This software is used for displaying of televote results on air. Receiving and calculating of votes is implemented in different ways:
-via phone lines using the "Liner8" dataphone adapter
-via the Internet using specially prepared web page
-via a text file located on PC hard disc
-by entering votes results manually
Results can be displayed either in numerical form or as a histogram. This software provides with a possibility to develop and further use own design of results presentation.

This software is a program audio and video mixer based on the FD300 board and designed for working on air (news, insertions on air etc.). It allows:
-to switch between different sources of live video (up to 12 CVBS video channels) and live audio (6 mono or 3 stereo channels)
-to switch using transition via prepared video files
-to output files located on PC hard disc (AVI, MPEG, graphic files) on air on-the-fly.

This software is used for creating tasks for crawl/scroll automatically. The task is based on data received from different sources:
-RSS news
-Weather stations
-Text files
-System clock
-Graphic files
One task may contain data from different sources. There is also a possibility to create several tasks for different crawl/scroll simultaneously.

SoftLab-NSK offers the IPOut (MPEG2, AVC) and ASIOut (MPEG2, AVC) options for the users who have already purchased some products of the ForwardTx product line (analog broadcast) and for those who want to organize digital broadcast in addition. The options are designed for shifting smoothly from analog to digital broadcast. Received from the FD300 board output video and sound are compressed into the MPEG2 or AVC format and are transmitted via IP or ASI interface.

This software is used to output data in the form of titles in TV programs (news, round-table discussion, debates etc.) on-the-fly.
It allows to create and to configure an output template, i.e. its appearance and location of fields with comments on PC screen. This template is used during the air and provides with necessary text information (e.g. name and surname of the speaker, his/her position etc.).
This software can be also used for displaying of votes results.

This software is used for remote control of the FDOnAir application via local network.The application allows to implement remote interactive control and to download a playlist.There are licences that provide with a possibility to control 4 or 16 FDOnAir application instances simultaneously.

This software is used for working with input IP streams. It allows to display video and sound from remote IP sources, e.g. IP cameras in the window (PiP) or on the full screen.

This software is used to record video and audio from the FD300 board input or output in Windows Media (WMV) format. This is a solution for air archiving. Files are of not a large size and can be played on any computer with Windows Media Player.

This software is used for bleeping out intolerable context appeared on air. Video and audio signals from studio and internal audio signal (e.g. phone call) are delayed for a split of second. It gives a possibility to bleep out intolerable words and substitute it by the sound from the ready in advance file.

Users of Forward TA / TA2 / TP / TP2 could use new plugins to solve different tasks.
Also some of these plugins are compatible with Forward TS products.

<Try and buy> offers are welcome : we grant a temporary plugin key for 1 - 3 months testing.

The plugins are sold as single software licences.

More information on new program options is at:
Documentation on new program options is at:
List of documents will be expanded in the nearest future.

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