We invite You to the exhibition IBC 2010

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We invite You to the exhibition IBC 2010

Сообщение admin » 25 авг 2010 16:49

Dear colleagues,

The SoftLab-NSK company invites you to our exposition on international exhibition IBC-2010, to be held in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) from 10 to 14 September, 2010 (Amsterdam RAI, Hall 7, 7.A05).
The exposition aims to present our projects in the field of content creating for 3DTV stereo, HDTV, products for automation of TV broadcasting in digital format (SDTV, HDTV, IPTV) and software for working with analog TV.

Taking into account worldwide tendencies of TV production and its development SoftLab-NSK will demonstrate a newly developed product – the "Focus HD Stereo" virtual studio.
This is not expensive and useful solution for HD stereo content producing. "Focus HD Stereo" includes all latest achievements in the field of composing a real-time synthesizing 3D graphics system and HD video.

The SoftLab-NSK company pays special attention to the development of hardware to work with HDTV. The newest hardware devices will be presented at the exhibition:

-The FD842 board (PCI-E x4 slot)
The board works with 4 HD input channels. FD842 is a part of hardware for the "Focus HD" visual studios and the "Forward Goalkeeper HD" systems for slow motion instant replay.

-Digital module DVM81
The device is designed for HD broadcasting. It allows to playback video files, to overlay titles over live video signal, to transmit the Fill and Key signals for mixing via external mixer. Input source can be selected from HD-SDI, HDMI or YUV signals. All signals (HD-SDI, HDMI and YUV) are on the output. It is possible to synchronize the output to any of the inputs (genlock).

-The FD422 Board
This board is another new product offered by our company. It has 2 inputs (SDI/ASI) and 2 outputs (SDI/ASI) and it works with the SDTV signals. FD422 will supposedly replace the FD300 board for products of the "ForwardТx" product line when dealing with SDI. Also, the FD422 board will be part of the "ForwardTS ASI" products.

"ForwardTS" is a newly developed line of products for coding/decoding, inserting of commercials, overlaying titles transmitted via MPTS (ASI and/or IP). This software supports both MPEG2 and AVC compression of a SD/HD.
New SLMultiviewer software will be a very useful solution for controlling a broadcasting of programs from MPTS.

The SoftLab-NSK company will traditionally demonstrate the "ForwardTx" product line designed for broadcast automation for small sized TV studios as well as for large TV companies. New "ForwardТx" opportunities for air and cable broadcasting companies from low-budget studios to large companies will be presented. The price of these solutions is not high. "ForwardТx" allows to reach broadcasting goals (ads inserts, broadcasting of own TV programs, overlaying of multilayer animated computer graphics in the form of logo, roll crawl, clock, SMS charts, etc.) via one PC.

SoftLab-NSK will demonstrate new software options (plugins) that expand the "ForwardTx" product line opportunities:
-IPInput that is a software option for broadcasting of video and audio received from a remote IP or ASI sources in the form of picture in picture (PiP);
-RemoteOnAir that is a software option for a remote monitoring and controlling of a broadcasting schedule execution;
-SLNewsTitler that is a software option for real time titling in interactive TV programs;
-SLStreamCapture that is a software option for archiving of TV channel broadcast in the Windows Media format.

SoftLab-NSK will present new opportunities of "Forward Goalkeeper". This is a system of slow motion instant replay. "Forward Goalkeeper" is designed for recording and broadcasting of sports events (football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, boxing, etc.).
Simplicity and great opportunities allow to use "Forward Goalkeeper" for broadcasting of sports events of any level.

We look forward to seeing you at the venue.

Detailed information on the IBC-2010 exhibition can be found at

Detailed information on SoftLab-Nsk products can be found at our site:

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