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Hard Truck racing game

April 20-24 1998
The russian version of the game ("Dalnoboishiki") was presented at COMTEK - international exhibition in Moscow. A huge truck was hauled into the pavillion, and dozen PCs set up right on the truck platform. An open Hard Truck game championship was organized, and the pavillion visitors were playing the game incessantly all the days of the conference. The distributer of the game in Russia, 1C, made the presentation.
Hard Truck game presentationHard Truck game presentation

"Hard truck" is our new driving game. It has all the features of a driving simulator and 3D action game.

The game was made for Buka Entertainment .

If you ever, at the bottom of your heart, wanted to ride a powerful truck and, pushing the accelerator hard, rending the air with a hoop, see how bugs whistle off frantically to the side of the road to get out off your, the King of the road, way... If you like to take a risk, and are not scared by the other "kings" to lower the boom on them to steal their luck, than this game is for you.
On the way there will be speedways, mountain windy roads, wayless parts, floods and marshes. There's no rules. No weapon. The rivals do their best to not let the player reach the destination. The advantage of the player lies in driving skills and the truck power.

At a check point the driver may get a bonus, a sum of money which depends on the player place and amount of the load delivered, which can be spent for repair of the truck, or to buy new more powerful truck.

The images here are clickable; each leads to the respective full-size original, 640x480 jpeg image captured from the screen of the working real-time prototype. The quality you could see is achievable with our PC real-time rendering, with no special hardware required.

Technical features

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